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Honoring Women

          As we celebrate International Womens Day we honor the women of the past and present. We are the grandmothers , mothers , sisters , daughters and granddaughters of  these women. They are the ones who dried our tears , calmed our fears and was always there for us.  These are the women of  our past who sacrificed and  paved the way for todays generation of women and future generations.  These women never gave up. They fought for change and for their beliefs. They were  activists ,coservationists, writers. they  were the trailblazers that became the first female doctors, the first female senators, the first female leaders of countries, They fought for women to be able to vote, they not only worked in the factories when the men went to war  , they also became pilots in the war, They inspire us to have the courage to not let our voices be silenced.  Honor the womenn of yesterday , today and tomorrow by not being afraid to stand up for what you think is important.  Shout from the ro