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Starting To Heal

                      This Christmas will probably be different for most this year. Instead of families gathering together there will be phone calls and video chats. We will find ourselves missing those that can't be here with us and those that we have lost. We will feel pain and anger and hurt and sorrow. It is okay to feel this way even when others tell you that they are in a better place, or they they are no longer suffering. You  will still feel the loss. Remember everyone grieves in their own way and own time. Even the healthcare works feel the loss even though they don't have the time to show it before taking care of the next patient. When you feel like you can't go on call a friend to talk to or even a professional. Remember you are not alone. In time the pain and anger will fade away and the hurt and sorrow will become less. There will come a time when you see a picture or hear a song on the radio and it will remind you of them and you will remember the way they lau


               Sometimes it is hard to believe in anything especially in times like these.  We still need to believe that tomorrow will be better and that there will be a brighter future.  We also need to believe in ourselves . People may tell you that you are too little or  that you aren't strong enough or smart enough or pretty enough. Keep believing in yourself. Even if at times you might fail or get rejected, You will fall and get battered and bruised. Sometimes we need to believe like children believe in fairytales and Santa Clause and Angels. If you ask a child what they want to be when they grow up you may get answers like a doctor or firefighter or football player or ballerina or a singer. You will not hear a child say I want to be a doctor but I will never be smart enough or that they want to be a firefighter but will never be strong enough or pretty enough to be a ballerina, they just believe. There is a part from my favorite movie [One Night with The King] where Queen Es


We have faced many hardships and struggles this year, we have also faced many losses. But the one thing that remains is Hope. Hope is the light that shines through our darkest moments. Hope gives us the strength to keep going even when we feel like the world is spinning out of control. Hope is the smile in the eyes of our children as we want for them a life filled with happiness and love. Hope is the belief in ourselves and others that our dreams will come true, because todays dreams become tomorrows reality. Hope gives us the courage to face each day no matter what life puts in our path.  As we all hope for a better tomorrow remember to do something kind for some one. 

Christmas Gifts

                             As Christmas is fast approaching many are struggling worrying about how to afford Christmas presents,  With this year having been a trying time for us all we sometimes feel like this is just added pressure. Don't stress about it. Think about this year making gifts, before you panic and think you are not crafty just stop and think . Bake tins of cookies and fudge. Most people would love that.  Everyone has talents , do whatever makes you happy. What grandparent wouldn't love a picture drawn for them or a story written for them or a song . Another idea is to make coupon booklets for the whole family. Children can make coupons that say I will set the table , or I will clean my room. Parents can give them to the children. They can say, one extra snack or can stay up an extra half hour on a weekend. The whole family can also make homemade decorations Make new memories these will be what they remember not the expensive gifts , because these come from the