Everybody is unique

                  I have talked about this before, but it is important to discuss it again.   It used to be that body image was usually something that affected mostly girls and young women, however more recently we are seeing more boys and young men dealing with it. With more access to social media young people are flooded with images of the perfect body. They believe that they have to look like these people. They are also sometimes confronted with hurtful comments. They can feel like they are unworthy or unloved. This can lead to physical and mental problems. This can also lead to depression and eating disorders. This can also lead to them trying dangerous things to look perfect. This can also lead to long term problems. As someone who has and sometimes still do, deals with body image negativity, we have to break the cycle. We should never compare one to another. Everyone is special and unique. Everyone needs to realize that their self worth is not defined by what they look like. Beau

Holiday Memories

                     As we prepare for the holidays we may be missing loved ones some may no longer be with us, others are separated by the miles. Whatever the reason just because they are not with us physically dose not mean they are not with us , their love will always surround us. As we carry on the traditions of holidays past, We will hold tight to the memories of holidays past spent laughing with them and spending time with them. So remember when we are missing them they will always be in our hearts. So trim the tree and fill the stockings. and as you cook that holiday meal, laugh with those around you as you tell stories of past holidays spent with loved ones. So smile and remember all the good times.  


              We keep hearing the term Traditional family. For most of us the traditional family is something we see in the movies. Families come in so many different styles. For some it is being a single parent, others it is shared time between parents.  Still others it is relatives raising children. Some have two mothers or two dads, and so many of us its friends that we call family. Family is ones who love and support you no matter who you are or what you do. Families are those that you can call anytime, whether for help or just someone to listen. Families are ones whether they are relatives or great friends, you can't imagine not having them in your life.  No matter what your family may look like, be thankful they are apart of your life and enjoy every moment with them.  f

Land of Imigrants

      It seems like lately when we turn on the television or read the news all we see is so much hatred and a nation divided. In the U.S. unless you are 100% Native American your ancestors came from another country. Sometimes they came for religious freedom, sometimes because of famine, or just for a better life. Yes sometimes they struggled and were persecuted because they were different, but they did not give up. Have we not learned anything since then? Think about all the contributions they made to this country. Think about how different this country would be and think about how different your life would be if they had been told that you can't stay here and you have to go back.                                                        Our ancestors came to this land filled with hope at a better future not only for themselves but for their children and grandchildren. Our ancestors that came here through Ellis Island, probably one of the first things they saw was the statue of libert

Losing Sight Of Who You Are

                       In the chaos of todays world it is easy to lose sight of who you are. Do you look in the mirror and not recognize who you are? I'm not talking about physical appearance. Society tells us that we are are suppose to be a certain type of person and to act a certain way. Society tells us that it is not okay to disappoint anyone,  so sometimes we take on more than we can handle. Society teaches us to never say no or to never help someone even though we just can not handle one more thing, because that would be letting others down. We are expected to be like robots or puppets and not ever show our emotions. We are expected to be perfect. If we ask for help especially mental many times we are judged and criticized, because we are suppose to be strong enough to handle anything. We were not created to be perfect. We all fall down sometimes. We hurt. we get angry, we feel overwhelmed, we even feel lost at times. We are human and that is okay. Sometimes we have to say no

Act Of Kindness

                      In the world today we easily forget how a little kindness can make a difference in some ones life.  There was a young boy whose uncle was a famous country music star who was staying with them for a while. The boy was so excited that he told his classmates. When he came home that afternoon he told his uncle that his classmate had a guitar  but he didn't know how to tune it and would he tune it for him. His uncle happily agreed and asked what time his classmate could come over. The boy hung his head and said that his mom and dad said the classmate was not allowed in the house because his parents said the boy was white trash and lived on the wrong side of the tracks. He asked if his uncle would meet him outside? His uncle nodded. The uncle had known what it was like  to be poor. A while later the uncle saw a fifteen year old scrawny boy come to the driveway. The uncle noticed that the boy had a secondhand guitar slung across his back with a string for a strap. He

The Sun Will Shine Again

                           It seems like lately for a lot of us it has been a challenging time. Whether it is the loss of a loved one or an illness or other struggles, at times it has seemed like life has been overwhelming. Sometimes it has felt like world is crashing down on us. We think that we can not handle anything else. Our strength and courage is gone and it is like we are in a deep dark pit that we can not climb out of. This is not where we we are meant to stay. Each one of us has an inner strength and courage and we can overcome anything that is put in our path. We again, in time will smile and laugh. We will once again enjoy the company of friends and family who have been there to encourage us through everything. If you are struggling seek help. Call some one or talk to a professional. In time the sun will shine again.  Take care of yourselves and each other.                            


                   Haver you ever just stopped and watched children as they play?  In their world they are flying high in the sky ridding on dragons breathing fire across the sky, they are chasing purple bunnies with white cotton tales across beautiful meadows, and they are chasing fairies dancing across the land. Laughing and running, not thinking about the cares of tomorrow or the plans of the future.  If you look through their eyes you can see the brilliant blue of the sky and the vivid colors of the rainbow.  They are enjoying the moment in the world thy created. In their world they are happy. Sometimes it takes the imagination of a child to teach us to slow down and enjoy life and that there are no limits to what we can achieve if we have the imagination of a child. Wouldn't it be such a wonderful world if we had just a little bit of the imagination that children have.

Respecting Others

                        Maybe because we live so much of our lives in the digital world that it is so easy to hide behind our computers and become anonymous. It seems like we have forgotten how to respect each other. You have strangers bullying people online, you go to a store and people become enraged if someone bumps into them, in restaurants people are yelling and screaming at the staff if they have to wait or if their order is incorrect. What happened to when we used to show respect to others. When we helped our neighbors, and when someone was in need, we would not hesitate to help them. Were we not taught that if we wanted respect that we had to show respect to others even when they didn't respect us? Has it become difficult for us to accept the fact that we are not the center of the universe, and everything does not revolve around us.? Have we forgotten that when we are nice to others, not only does it make us feel great it makes the other person feel good too? So, lets quit

Through A Childs Eyes

                              It seems like every time you see the news there is another act of violence or a suicide. seventy-five percent is because of bullying. Wouldn't it be nice if we could go back to the days of our childhood when things seemed less complicated? Back before the internet, before our lives were all over social media, before strangers that did not know you would make hateful comments about you. Sometimes we never know who we might be influencing. I hope that if anyone is ever influenced by my actions or words that it would be positive not negative. That they might be the next world leader or a doctor or even a wonderful teacher, not a bully or someone who thinks they are unworthy. I always loved books, but my love of writing came years later. I don't remember what grade or the teacher, we had to write a story and when we got our papers back, she had written on it "good enough for a series ". It only takes a positive word to change someone's li