Haver you ever just stopped and watched children as they play?  In their world they are flying high in the sky ridding on dragons breathing fire across the sky, they are chasing purple bunnies with white cotton tales across beautiful meadows, and they are chasing fairies dancing across the land. Laughing and running, not thinking about the cares of tomorrow or the plans of the future.  If you look through their eyes you can see the brilliant blue of the sky and the vivid colors of the rainbow.  They are enjoying the moment in the world thy created. In their world they are happy. Sometimes it takes the imagination of a child to teach us to slow down and enjoy life and that there are no limits to what we can achieve if we have the imagination of a child. Wouldn't it be such a wonderful world if we had just a little bit of the imagination that children have.

Respecting Others

                        Maybe because we live so much of our lives in the digital world that it is so easy to hide behind our computers and become anonymous. It seems like we have forgotten how to respect each other. You have strangers bullying people online, you go to a store and people become enraged if someone bumps into them, in restaurants people are yelling and screaming at the staff if they have to wait or if their order is incorrect. What happened to when we used to show respect to others. When we helped our neighbors, and when someone was in need, we would not hesitate to help them. Were we not taught that if we wanted respect that we had to show respect to others even when they didn't respect us? Has it become difficult for us to accept the fact that we are not the center of the universe, and everything does not revolve around us.? Have we forgotten that when we are nice to others, not only does it make us feel great it makes the other person feel good too? So, lets quit

Through A Childs Eyes

                              It seems like every time you see the news there is another act of violence or a suicide. seventy-five percent is because of bullying. Wouldn't it be nice if we could go back to the days of our childhood when things seemed less complicated? Back before the internet, before our lives were all over social media, before strangers that did not know you would make hateful comments about you. Sometimes we never know who we might be influencing. I hope that if anyone is ever influenced by my actions or words that it would be positive not negative. That they might be the next world leader or a doctor or even a wonderful teacher, not a bully or someone who thinks they are unworthy. I always loved books, but my love of writing came years later. I don't remember what grade or the teacher, we had to write a story and when we got our papers back, she had written on it "good enough for a series ". It only takes a positive word to change someone's li

A Soldiers Prayer

            As we get ready in a few weeks to celebrate Independence Day let's take a moment to remember those who sacrificed and those who gave the ultimate gift so that we could have our independence and the freedoms we enjoy. Instead of the normal blog I thought I would share this poetry I wrote. Called A Soldiers Prayer.   Lord as I sit here in the darkest of the night in this foreign land, I pray not for myself for I know that whatever my fate may be that it is your plan and I have no regrets. I pray lord that you will keep her safe since I can't be there. Don't let her worry about me. I pray that you will comfort her when she is afraid. Lord, I pray that if it is your will that I don't make it back to her, you will keep her in your arms. I pray that you let her know that she was truly loved by me. Please lord don't let her heart be filled with sorrow and pain, let it be filled with love and joy. hold her tight lord until the day that we are once again together

Role Models

                             When we think of role models we often think of celebrities, they look glamourous, have money and are seen vacationing in exotic places. Maybe instead of celebrities we should consider as a role model the teacher who has papers to grade and lessons to plan but takes the time to listen to the child as if they are the most important person in the world, even if all they want to talk about is their pet or what they did at grandmas.  Maybe it is the elderly couple who own the neighborhood market who when a child tries to buy a piece of gum but doesn't have enough money, they count it and tell them there is enough with a penny left over.  When asked why they do it, smiles and says nothing is more precious than the look in their eyes and the smile on their face. Maybe role models should be parents like the dad who comes home from work and only wants a few minutes to sit in his chair and relax but smiles and says sure let's go when his son asks him to play

Careful The Things You Say

                              In our culture today we sometimes forget that words hurt just as much as actions. We may think that what we say is funny or just a joke. We don't realize how hurtful they can be. Maybe before we speak, we take a moment to think about if the same words were said to us, how would we feel? How can we teach the next generation, that when we say things about others not only can it be hurtful, but it can also be a form of bullying, when they see us as adults doing it?  T am reminded of the words of a song "careful the things you say children will listen, careful the things you do children will see and lean". As someone who still at times struggles with body image and looks words do hurt even when they are not meant to.  As always try to do something nice for someone it will not only make them feel good, but you also.


                         We are daughters, mothers, and wives. Many of us also work outside of the home.          Sometimes it can become difficult. We believe we have to be strong and be the one to take care of everything and everyone. We feel we cannot show our emotions. Whether we believe that if we show our emotions people will think we are weak, or maybe we feel that we just don't have time to deal with whatever it is, or we just don't want to deal with it, we push all of those emotions so far deep down inside of us. We put on a mask and hide it all. We tell everyone we are fine. We laugh and smile and try to forget everything. We pretend nothing is wrong. We keep doing what is expected of us, what people believe we should do. We have to be the women of change, just like those women who came before us, who fought and demanded change that gave us the rights we have today. we need to be the women of change and we have to be the ones who stand up and say it is okay to ask for


                     We all have dreams. Some dream about being a doctor or a superstar or an artist. Everybody's dreams are important.  You have to keep believing in them.  keep dreaming big you can achieve them. Dreams are what keeps us going.  People will tell you to forget about them that you will never achieve them. Don't listen to those voices. Dreams are what keeps us believing in the future.  They give us hope that tomorrow will be better. Keep reaching for your dreams. Sometimes you have to fight for your dreams. No matter what your dreams are they can come true. Never stop believing in your dreams.    You have to work to make your dreams come true. Your dreams are worth fighting for. Never stop fighting for your dreams and never stop dreaming. 


              We as parents, teachers' friends and community leaders it is our job to teach the next generation. We do that by our actions. If we want a better future for them then we have to be the ones to say enough is enough and stop the bullying. Bullying comes in many different ways. When you say things or do things to hurt or harm others because they are different or have different beliefs you are bullying them.  It is not okay to be hurt. You have the right to be different.  You are not a nobody you are somebody and you matter.  Sometimes people bully others because they too have insecurities. We don't know what is going on in their life and home.                                                                    Hopefully one day we will live in a world where everybody is accepted as one and there will be no reason to bully anyone again., but until that day we have to learn to treat others with respect.  Even though we may not understand others' beliefs or cultures

Inner Strength

                     Strength is not about how big you are or how strong you are.  It's when you think you can't go on. It's when you feel like you can't take another step. It's that inner strength that you reach for deep inside of you that keeps you going. It's when you are both physically and mentally exhausted, yet you are still that shoulder to cry on when a friend needs you. It's what you reach for when you think there is no hope left.  It's what gets you through the darkest moments in your life. You may think you are not that strong It is normal to feel like you don't have that inner strength, but you do it's in every one of us It is a part of what makes us that special person that we are.