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Land of Imigrants

      It seems like lately when we turn on the television or read the news all we see is so much hatred and a nation divided. In the U.S. unless you are 100% Native American your ancestors came from another country. Sometimes they came for religious freedom, sometimes because of famine, or just for a better life. Yes sometimes they struggled and were persecuted because they were different, but they did not give up. Have we not learned anything since then? Think about all the contributions they made to this country. Think about how different this country would be and think about how different your life would be if they had been told that you can't stay here and you have to go back.                                                        Our ancestors came to this land filled with hope at a better future not only for themselves but for their children and grandchildren. Our ancestors that came here through Ellis Island, probably one of the first things they saw was the statue of libert