Everybody is unique

                  I have talked about this before, but it is important to discuss it again.   It used to be that body image was usually something that affected mostly girls and young women, however more recently we are seeing more boys and young men dealing with it. With more access to social media young people are flooded with images of the perfect body. They believe that they have to look like these people. They are also sometimes confronted with hurtful comments. They can feel like they are unworthy or unloved. This can lead to physical and mental problems. This can also lead to depression and eating disorders. This can also lead to them trying dangerous things to look perfect. This can also lead to long term problems. As someone who has and sometimes still do, deals with body image negativity, we have to break the cycle. We should never compare one to another. Everyone is special and unique. Everyone needs to realize that their self worth is not defined by what they look like. Beauty comes in all shapes , sizes and colors. We need to encourage each other to focus on their dreams and believe that they are perfect just the way they are and that they can succeed.  Please think before you say something that could cause pain and hurt to some one. 


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