Coming Together                                                                                                                               This has been a very tough and difficult year for most of us not just in the U.S. but around the world. We have lost loved ones, watched businesses close. We have faced loosing jobs,  We have faced the challenges of virtual schooling,  Of trying to work from home just a few of the challenges we have faced. We try to keep our families safe and we have had to decide if we should go back to work or not. Many of us have had to face the challenges of going back to work because we need the paycheck but still have fears of going back. We have seen frontline workers courageously doing everything they can to take care of others while also worrying about their own family, and we are so thankful for the sacrifices they have made. But one thing we have seen all over the world is people coming together to help each other and their neighbors. We have seen neighbors taking meals to elderly ones, picking up groceries for neighbors , we send notes and make phone calls instead of visiting , just to let them know they are not alone. We have also watched proudly as our children have also helped. Through it all we can not forget to take care of ourselves, Whether it is meditation or prayer or taking a walk or run or a bike ride , or even watching a silly movie that makes us laugh and forget everything for just a few minutes, you have to take care of you. Remember that one day we again will gather with family and friends and we will raise a glass and smile as we remember those that are no longer with us. Until then do something kind for someone or even a kind word goes a long way in making someone smile.  Take care and stay safe.


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