Sometimes it is hard to believe in anything especially in times like these.  We still need to believe that tomorrow will be better and that there will be a brighter future.  We also need to believe in ourselves . People may tell you that you are too little or  that you aren't strong enough or smart enough or pretty enough. Keep believing in yourself. Even if at times you might fail or get rejected, You will fall and get battered and bruised. Sometimes we need to believe like children believe in fairytales and Santa Clause and Angels. If you ask a child what they want to be when they grow up you may get answers like a doctor or firefighter or football player or ballerina or a singer. You will not hear a child say I want to be a doctor but I will never be smart enough or that they want to be a firefighter but will never be strong enough or pretty enough to be a ballerina, they just believe. There is a part from my favorite movie [One Night with The King] where Queen Esther was getting ready to go before the king unsummoned to save her people even though  she knew the penalty for going before the king unsummoned was death, she says her favorite part of the story of David nd Goliath was that David's victory came not because he fought well but because he believed well.  We all need to keep believing. Like always do something nice for someone. 


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