Christmas Gifts

                             As Christmas is fast approaching many are struggling worrying about how to afford Christmas presents,  With this year having been a trying time for us all we sometimes feel like this is just added pressure. Don't stress about it. Think about this year making gifts, before you panic and think you are not crafty just stop and think . Bake tins of cookies and fudge. Most people would love that.  Everyone has talents , do whatever makes you happy. What grandparent wouldn't love a picture drawn for them or a story written for them or a song . Another idea is to make coupon booklets for the whole family. Children can make coupons that say I will set the table , or I will clean my room. Parents can give them to the children. They can say, one extra snack or can stay up an extra half hour on a weekend. The whole family can also make homemade decorations Make new memories these will be what they remember not the expensive gifts , because these come from the heart,  Just stop and take a moment and enjoy maki9ng the presents. Remember do something kind for someone. It will make you feel good too.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        


  1. Such an awesome idea! And coming from the heart makes it so special!


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