Starting To Heal

                      This Christmas will probably be different for most this year. Instead of families gathering together there will be phone calls and video chats. We will find ourselves missing those that can't be here with us and those that we have lost. We will feel pain and anger and hurt and sorrow. It is okay to feel this way even when others tell you that they are in a better place, or they they are no longer suffering. You  will still feel the loss. Remember everyone grieves in their own way and own time. Even the healthcare works feel the loss even though they don't have the time to show it before taking care of the next patient. When you feel like you can't go on call a friend to talk to or even a professional. Remember you are not alone. In time the pain and anger will fade away and the hurt and sorrow will become less. There will come a time when you see a picture or hear a song on the radio and it will remind you of them and you will remember the way they laughed or the times you spent with them and you will find yourself smiling. They will always be with us. We will hold their love in our hearts and will  know they are always watching over us. And that is when we will start to heal as a world, as a nation, as a community, as a family, and as an individual. And as always hold your love ones tight and do something nice for someone. 


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