Putting The Past Behind Us

                  As we move forward to a new year we try to put this past year behind us. It is time that we stop judging others just because they are different. We need to remember we are all the same race we are the human race and we are all Gods children.  If we want a better world for our children then we need to start being more like them. Children are not born judging people because of the color of their skin. or their religion. or where they come from. or what they wear. They only see Tim or John or Jill or Susan as their friends. They learn to judge others by seeing how we as adults treat each other. Maybe if instead of judging someone we try to get to know them . We may find that we have things in common, such a we both might like to garden or we  both like to read, or sing or maybe like the same movies. Who knows one day they just may become your true friend.  Maybe it is time we build each other up instead of tearing each other apart. Instead of pushing someone over the edge, be the hand that pulls them back from the edge. Someday it might be us or someone we love that needs that hand reaching out to pull us back from the edge.    as always do something nice for someone.


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