True Friends

         As we begin a new year we hope for health and happiness. Even though we might not be able to be with friends right now we will again. True friends are the ones that accept us no matter what. We never have to be anything but ourselves when we are with them.  We laugh with them and cry with them and are always happy to be with them.  A true friend is the one that you call when when you have had a little too much and need a ride hone or a place to sleep it off. A true friend is the one whose shoulder you cry on when your heart is breaking into a million pieces. They are the ones who lend you a helping hand . They are always there to give you encouragement even when you think you can't take another step. They are always there for you and never judge you.  Especially now it is even more important to let them know how much they mean to us and how grateful we are that they are in our lives. As always do something nice for someone who knows one day they may become your true friend. 


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