Living In The Moment

This past year most of us have faced heartbreak. struggles and challenges that we never dreamed we would ever face. Yet we have learned to cope, adapt and keep going on. We have to learn that it is okay to be happy and laugh. We have to learn to live in this moment because we do not know what the future will hold for tommorow, and yesterday is the past and we can not change it. We need to know that it is okay to celebrate the little things in life. We can choose to live a life of sorrow and anger and despair or we can choose to live a life of happieness. Being happy does not mean that we forget the past or that others who are feeling pain ior struggling are not importnt. It just lets us know that we are allowed to be happy for a little while . I believe thatour loved ones would want us to be happy and live for now. That dose not mean that we are not concerned about the future it just means that right now this moment in time enjoy. (celebrating does not mean to break the covid protocols. Kep doing your precautions and stay safe,)            As always do somthing kind for someone.


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