New Beginings

             As spring approaches , the grass starts to turn green , and the birds start to sing.  As things start to get better we reflect on the past year and move forward. That dosen't mean we forget because we will never forget those that died this past year whether from the virus or from  other things, nor the lessons we have learned. As we emerge from this past year we will find some things have changed . We will face a new normal, but we will adapt and change and we will survive because that is what we do. Soon the dark days will be behind us and the sun will shine brightly. We will once again take those walks and see the flowers bloom and see the signs of new life all around us and just like nature we too will start to heal.                                                                                         Soon we will find ourselves smiling once again as we start to live life again. We will join family and friends as we once again embrace each other and celebrate lifes moments once again. This is a  time of renewal and recharge and just like in nature it is a time for new beginings.


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