When we loose someone we love  we are told that time will heal everything and it will. We are told they are in a better place and they are. That doesn't mean that we don't feel like our heart is ripping into a million pieces.  No matter what religion we are we know that we will see them again.  We will have days that we can smile and laugh and we think that we are finally okay and then something will trigger a memory and the sadness will come flooding in like a raging river. It is those times when they will be surrounding us with there love and holding us tight until the storm passes . We know that they will always be with us. They are the ones who gave us the strength to face each day no matter what life puts in our path.  They gave us the confidence and courage to follow our dreams no matter where they may lead. In their eyes we are perfect even if we can only see our own imperfections.  We will never forget them, the times we shared with them will always be apart of us . They will always be with us in our hearts and in everything we do. 


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