It is okay to be myself

       Sometimes it feels like the world is crashing down on you and the walls are closing in on you. You think you have to be perfect. You think that you have to be the perfect athlete, the straight A student or the perfect partner or parent. You think others won't approve or like you if you are different.  You try to please everyone else instead of following your own dreams or ideas. It is okay to be happy.  You are strong and courageous. It is okay to be who you are. Do not believe it when you are told that your dreams aren't important and that you should just be happy to do what others think you are supposed to do. Always remember that your hopes and dreams are important. Sometimes you get intimidated when you are different. You struggle with who you are, and it can feel like you are slowly losing your identity. It is okay to live your life for you. It is okay not to be perfect. Remember you are important, and you are loved. If you feel like you are struggling reach out to someone.  Always remember it is okay to be yourself.


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