We are daughters, mothers, and wives. Many of us also work outside of the home.          Sometimes it can become difficult. We believe we have to be strong and be the one to take care of everything and everyone. We feel we cannot show our emotions. Whether we believe that if we show our emotions people will think we are weak, or maybe we feel that we just don't have time to deal with whatever it is, or we just don't want to deal with it, we push all of those emotions so far deep down inside of us. We put on a mask and hide it all. We tell everyone we are fine. We laugh and smile and try to forget everything. We pretend nothing is wrong. We keep doing what is expected of us, what people believe we should do. We have to be the women of change, just like those women who came before us, who fought and demanded change that gave us the rights we have today. we need to be the women of change and we have to be the ones who stand up and say it is okay to ask for help. We are not alone. If you are struggling, please reach out for help.


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