A Soldiers Prayer

            As we get ready in a few weeks to celebrate Independence Day let's take a moment to remember those who sacrificed and those who gave the ultimate gift so that we could have our independence and the freedoms we enjoy. Instead of the normal blog I thought I would share this poetry I wrote. Called A Soldiers Prayer.   Lord as I sit here in the darkest of the night in this foreign land, I pray not for myself for I know that whatever my fate may be that it is your plan and I have no regrets. I pray lord that you will keep her safe since I can't be there. Don't let her worry about me. I pray that you will comfort her when she is afraid. Lord, I pray that if it is your will that I don't make it back to her, you will keep her in your arms. I pray that you let her know that she was truly loved by me. Please lord don't let her heart be filled with sorrow and pain, let it be filled with love and joy. hold her tight lord until the day that we are once again together.                                                     Amen


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