Through A Childs Eyes

                              It seems like every time you see the news there is another act of violence or a suicide. seventy-five percent is because of bullying. Wouldn't it be nice if we could go back to the days of our childhood when things seemed less complicated? Back before the internet, before our lives were all over social media, before strangers that did not know you would make hateful comments about you. Sometimes we never know who we might be influencing. I hope that if anyone is ever influenced by my actions or words that it would be positive not negative. That they might be the next world leader or a doctor or even a wonderful teacher, not a bully or someone who thinks they are unworthy. I always loved books, but my love of writing came years later. I don't remember what grade or the teacher, we had to write a story and when we got our papers back, she had written on it "good enough for a series ". It only takes a positive word to change someone's life. Have you ever stopped for a moment and just watched as children play? They don't see that Susie looks different or that Tim talks differently or that Kerry dresses different than they do.  To them Susie is the princess that lives in the castle and Tim is the pirate who sails the seas and Kerry is the astronaut that is flying to mars. To them they aren't different they are their friends. Wouldn't it be a better world if we could see each other through the eyes of children?               As always do something nice for someone and stay safe. 


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