Act Of Kindness

                      In the world today we easily forget how a little kindness can make a difference in some ones life.  There was a young boy whose uncle was a famous country music star who was staying with them for a while. The boy was so excited that he told his classmates. When he came home that afternoon he told his uncle that his classmate had a guitar  but he didn't know how to tune it and would he tune it for him. His uncle happily agreed and asked what time his classmate could come over. The boy hung his head and said that his mom and dad said the classmate was not allowed in the house because his parents said the boy was white trash and lived on the wrong side of the tracks. He asked if his uncle would meet him outside? His uncle nodded. The uncle had known what it was like  to be poor. A while later the uncle saw a fifteen year old scrawny boy come to the driveway. The uncle noticed that the boy had a secondhand guitar slung across his back with a string for a strap. He showed the boy how to tune it. The boy politely thanked him and started on his way . The uncle then asked him if he would like to stay and here him sing. The boys face lit up with a huge smile. They sang and the uncle showed him a couple of chords. The boy thanked him then left. They never saw each other again. The boy never forgot the kindness of that uncle, Even though he was not allowed in the home , he would grow up and be invited into homes across the world and would be loved by millions. That boys name was Elvis Presley. Another young boy was called skinny because he was very small and skinny and his only friend was a long haired dog . He would leave his dog at the fire station while he was in school. The firemen felt a little sorry for him. One morning he tried hurrying past the fire station when one of the fire fighters noticed the little boy had a gash on his lip and a bruise around his eye. The fireman asked him what happened and he told him that there was a boy in his class who picked on him and called him a girl, that usually he out ran him but he hadn't been able to this morning. The fireman told him that he used to be a boxer and would give him some lessons. The next time The boy saw the bully instead of running he stood up to him. after then nobody picked on him or called him a girl. After then the firemen gave him the nickname Big Duke. That boy as you have probably guessed became one of the most beloved actors whom most little boys wanted to grow up to be. His name John Wayne. In both of these true stories the act of kindness had a major impact on these lives. So next time instead of being mean to some one try an act of kindness.                                                         As always take care of each other.


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