Losing Sight Of Who You Are

                       In the chaos of todays world it is easy to lose sight of who you are. Do you look in the mirror and not recognize who you are? I'm not talking about physical appearance. Society tells us that we are are suppose to be a certain type of person and to act a certain way. Society tells us that it is not okay to disappoint anyone,  so sometimes we take on more than we can handle. Society teaches us to never say no or to never help someone even though we just can not handle one more thing, because that would be letting others down. We are expected to be like robots or puppets and not ever show our emotions. We are expected to be perfect. If we ask for help especially mental many times we are judged and criticized, because we are suppose to be strong enough to handle anything. We were not created to be perfect. We all fall down sometimes. We hurt. we get angry, we feel overwhelmed, we even feel lost at times. We are human and that is okay. Sometimes we have to say no even if sometimes it feels like you are letting others down. It is okay to ask for help of any kind. Always be yourself and never feel like you are nothing, because each and every one of us are important. Take care of each other and be kind to some one today. 


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